Frequently Asked Questions

Putting Green FAQs

How are Putter’s Edge putting greens different?

We have been doing this for a long time and we are passionate and particular about our raw materials, our design, and sweating the details on our installation methods.  We have used and evaluated dozens of different putting turf products over the years, until we found turfs that most closely resemble and respond like a real golf green. We have worked closely with our manufacturer to ensure that the putting green turfs meet our demanding requirements. Our putting greens look beautiful and roll and chip like the real thing. We are very particular about every last detail – shaping, smooth arcing curves, appropriate and varied slopes, functional hole placement, and ample use of fringe and tee boxes for chipping.

What are the stimp speeds of your putting turfs?

We are able to achieve a variety of stimp speeds with the TruPutt and ProPutt putting turf lines.  With TruPutt Plus and TruPutt Ultra, we can achieve stimp speeds in the range of 8 to 12 through the use of moderate sand infill and rolling.  The typical TruPutt installation will run 9-10.  With the ProPutt turf, we can achieve stimp speeds up to 14 although we don’t recommend that with a new installation as the ProPutt will tend to compact and get slightly faster over time.  ProPutt is very different than TruPutt in that it is a true sand-filled green that realistically mimics a natural bent grass green.  As such, we can roll this green to increase speed just as your greens keeper rolls your club green on Member/Guest day.

How well do Putter’s Edge turfs hold up outdoors?

Putter’s Edge turfs are assembled using the finest UV-treated polypropylene, water-resistant fibers. Our turf carries a 10 year limited warranty against excessive wear and fading, and resists normal rain, snow, wind, freeze and sun. Putter’s Edge turfs have been installed everywhere from the freezing climates of Canada, the humidity of Florida, and of course the intense heat of our beloved Arizona.

Can the putting surface be replaced?

It can easily be replaced, but that shouldn’t be necessary for many year.  The PE monofilament turf is the strongest and most durable available.  Its matting-resistant fibers will continue to bounce back to their original position.

Is the outdoor turf maintenance free?

Our TruPutt and ProPutt turfs require virtually no maintenance to maintain their realistic playability characteristics. The ProPutt green, being a true sand-filled green, may require additional top dressing or rolling after many years of use.  We have seen some ProPutt greens look and perform the same after 8 years with no maintenance.  Use and conditions will determine the maintenance requirements.  The TruPutt greens require no maintenance to maintain their putting characteristics.  Our specially designed, interlocking spring set TruPutt fibers help hold the infill in place, while stabilizing the root of the blade for true ball roll. The TruPutt infill-assisted/weighted greens are virtually maintenance free. Once installed, just keep the leaves and debris off the surface, just like you would with a real putting green.

Why shouldn’t I install a real grass putting green?

Real bent grass putting greens are very expensive to install and require extensive daily maintenance. Just ask a golf course superintendent or anyone who has owned a real grass putting green about the required maintenance – it’s simply not practical for the individual homeowner.

Can a Putter’s Edge Green be sculpted with breaks?

Yes, your new Putter’s Edge putting green can be fully sculpted with breaks & undulations! We will design and customize the green to realistically reflect the variability you find on a golf course putting green.  And for those that are very particular (like us), we involve you in the shaping, review, and approval process prior to installing the turf.

Can I chip onto my Putter’s Edge Putting Green?

Yes!  The TruPutt Plus and TruPutt Ultra greens can be used for short-game work inside 40 yards.  TruPutt is excellent for anything around the green like short-bump-and-run practice.  TruPutt Ultra is a little longer and denser so is more appropriate if longer chips and short-game practice are planned.  However, nothing is as realistic as the ProPutt green for holding shots and reacting like a live bentgrass green.  In fact, we have installed these greens on local Par-3 courses and as target greens at driving ranges.  Our ProPutt greens are as close as it gets to real bentgrass greens.

Can anyone install a Putter’s Edge Turf System?

Not exactly. Only certified and trained installers and Putter’s Edge dealers should install the Putter’s Edge Turf System. That’s why we’re here!  While the end result may seem straightforward enough, the process of creating that perfect green is quite complex and our design and install teams have decades of experience.

How can I get started?

It’s easy! Give us a call at 480.493.0300 or e-mail us to begin the process. We’ll come to your location for a free consultation where you can see and experience our putting turf and we can take a look at your designated putting green location and collaborate on your ideas. There are lots of turf companies in Arizona, we strive to exceed your expectations with our customer service and our ability to design/build the perfect green for your environment and needs. Depending on the size and location of your green, installation generally takes 1-2 days. Very large greens with stand-alone chipping tee(s) and bunker(s) could take 3-4 days.